Art is central to the look, feel, and spirit of ESC.

Mural Artists

Cheyenne Randall

The portrait-style murals throughout ESC were done by Cheyenne Randall.

Artist statement: “I am happy to announce a collection of new wheat paste mural installations inside Eat Street Crossing. As I was born at Hennepin County Hospital and lived in downtown Minneapolis until the age of 9, I am grateful for the opportunity to revisit childhood memories and walk down Franklin Ave, where my father once lived and worked as an artist. My father’s unique style and early years growing up in Minnesota greatly influenced me. I hope these new works bring joy to all who visit the unique and artfully curated space on Eat Street.”
About Cheyenne River: Sacramento-based artist, Cheyenne Randall (Cheyenne River), has worked in mixed media for over twenty years. Largely known for his extensive and ongoing photoshop tattoo series entitled “Shoppedtattoos,” he has simultaneously pushed the boundaries of traditional tattoo culture and idolatry. He is also known for his colorful and contemporary mixed media works depicting Indigenous North American Leaders with reverence and originality. Randall has always been fascinated with forgotten and uninhabited structures and how they interact with the landscape of America.

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Daniel Arzola

Daniel Arzola created “Blooming in Distant Lands,” an illustration and digital collage on tiles located at the entrance to the stairway to ESC’s lower level.

Artist Statement: “The work is a representation of those who emigrate looking for freedom. There is strength in those who migrate. I believe that people who have had to leave our country in a forced way do not have the option of having a place to return to, but we have our sights set on being able to build a more hopeful future; this is my reflection as a Venezuelan immigrant.”

Daniel Arzola (Maracay, Venezuela) is a visual artist, Human rights activist, and lecturer winner of a Trailblazer Honor Award from Logo TV for his contribution to the LGBTQ+ community. Daniel Arzola popularized the term "Artivism" as the creator of "No Soy Tu Chiste" (I'm Not a Joke), a series of posters with approaches that face LGBTphobia, becoming the first LGBT campaign to reach the media in Venezuela, gaining national attention with even Madonna supporting the awareness campaign

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