Sunday, March 10 · 2pm - 8pm

DayFunk 9

Food, drinks, friends, house music.
Free admission.

We’re excited to welcome you back to our monthly get down.

Please join us in welcoming:
DJ Mes
Guesthouse Music | Oakland, CA

DJ Mes and his Guesthouse imprint have been at the forefront of both the US and global house scene for years. If you ask us, Mes has broken or released more unforgettable house tracks than any other stateside label boss. If you collect house music, you’ve definitely got something he’s touched. We’re honored to have him join the DayFunk party, and know he’ll bring the house down!

With Support From:
MPLS House
Michelle Muse
Nick Gunz
M. Goalen

It’s not about us…it’s about “us”. We’re a community, a gathering of people who share a love for house music. Wether we were there from the beginning, or we just came in – we’re all riding the waves of house. We’ve experienced the highs and lows, danced until dawn, and felt the pulse of the sound that helped define us.

Many of the legends who started it all are still out there, working their magic. They inspire us, and we pay tribute to them every month with events that go beyond just a party. It’s a chance to connect, to enjoy the music that has shaped our lives, and to support the talented local artists who share our passion.

We want to invite you to be a part of our journey, to feel the moment, and experience the unity that house music brings. It’s all happening right now, and we would love to have you join us.